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Collecting rock and roll 78s in the early 1970s, Gypsy John now estimates he has approximately 25, 000 +  vintage dance tunes in his collection from the mid 20s to the mid 50s  — predominately big band swing and rhythm ‘n blues, plus vintage jazz, western swing, boogie-woogie, old country, 1940s standards and early rock ‘n roll.


By request he will supply a 1960’s or 1970’s set together with his large mobile DJ rig, including vintage props and fabulous retro art deco speakers.


Gypsy John DJs all over the country including The Rhythm Riot, Camber; The War and Peace Show and Pickering War Weekend.

If you would like Gypsy John to DJ with his unique collection at your event, visit the contact page to get in touch.